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Indian mother-approved
Indian mother-approved

Anant and his family have called Dubai home since 1997. And in 2018, when his parents decided to move back to India, he shifted into a studio apartment by himself. But that was all it was - an apartment. It lacked the warmth, the sense of familiarity, that he was used to. It was a great space. Now he needed to transform it into a home. And that’s where our representatives at Furban came to the rescue. Anant’s brief was simple. He needed something that reflected his interests, which were music, football and writing, while also ensuring that the space did not get cluttered. And because he loved having friends over, making sure he had plenty of space to entertain was another important aspect to keep in mind.


The living room is the centerpiece of Anant’s home, and that’s where we created pieces to put his interests in the spotlight. From a one-of-a kind Liverpool Football Club crest made with recycled cassette cases to showcases for his books and vinyl collection, unique pieces have been custom-made to Anant’s tastes. At the same time, creative use of seating options ensures there is plenty of space for him to host his friends. His passions are further reflected in his bedroom, with decorative pieces adding pops of colour and minimal use of furniture giving an added sense of space. At the same time, there is plenty of space for storage to make sure the room looks and stays clutter-free.


Now, Anant loves calling this unique yet practical space his home, as do his friends, who keep finding reasons to drop by every now and then. But the biggest compliment to Furban for this project? Anant’s mother approves! Anant’s Favourite: The shoe-rack in the bedroom. Hidden under the creative seating option, this allows him to store all his shoes away neatly, and he loves how it seamlessly fits into the room.