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Home away from home
Home away from home

Lara and David Smith are a married couple who recently shifted bases from London, their home, to Dubai for work. As people who knew absolutely nothing about Dubai prior to this move, setting up a new house seemed like a daunting task. Furban stepped in to transform their house into their dream home, helping them every step of the way from start to finish. Because they had just shifted to a new country, they wanted their spaces to reflect a classical design that would remind them of home, while also using the space effectively to ensure they could comfortably entertain friends and family who would visit from London.


This inspiration from classical design is reflected across all living spaces in the colours and decor. Every room is designed to ensure space is used effectively so the Smiths can host friends and family whenever they please. This is especially evident in the living room, where the placement of the dining area next to the open plan kitchen encourages conversations and interaction even when one of the Smiths is cooking up a storm. And because they want their friends and family to drop by as much as they can, the guest bedroom was of utmost importance. That’s why we gave a lot of attention to how it is furnished and decorated to ensure every guest has the most comfortable experience when they stay over at the Smiths.


Today the Smith household is hustling and bustling with frequent visitors. And each of them leaves in awe seeing what they have done with the place. That, to us, is the biggest compliment. David’s Favourite: The open kitchen. He loves to cook and entertain, and the open kitchen lets him whip up his favourite recipes while still being part of the conversation when people come over. Lara’s Favourite: The bedroom nook. The cozy nook where the bed rests next to the french windows is her favourite place to lay back and read a book as she spends a lazy weekend unwinding.

Sami Antoun
Sami Antoun
Smart Designer
To us, is the biggest compliment. David’s Favourite: The open kitchen. He loves to cook.